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One last one before I go to sleep: Lynx wanted Kairi and Pluto! Enjoy something silly for a change. I swear I know how it works.

The call came into our office - a nice little place, for the price, convenient to the park - shortly before planetrise, our time, half past three TST. The boss picked it up, like always, and it didn’t take the finest nose on Europa to smell something juicy when he said, “I’ll have one of my people on the next shuttle over. Oh - she has a service dog. That’s not a problem, is it?”

The service dog, of course, was me. Like a lot of us at Walt & Sons Private Investigators, my existence wasn’t technically legal, limitations on nonhuman modifications still being in force throughout the system. That didn’t bother the old man none when he made us, and it didn’t bother us, but plenty of folks would be bothered if they knew he’d gone and cracked the brain problem, and a lot more besides. Thus the friendly screen of Walt & Sons, with its nice, reliable-looking, human staff ready to answer doors and do all the face work. A lot of us worked online-only, keeping webcams off and going about our business where nobody knows you’re a genetically-modified mouse. But me, I wasn’t born to an indoor life. Lucky me I could pass for normal canine well enough to get out in the world.

Kairi had her bag packed by the time Donald had run a background check on our new clients. She was quick on her feet; had to be, to take up detective work at all, let alone with our particularly motley crew. We’d worked together before, more than once, her doing the face work while I got my nose to the ground. We made a good team. I’ve come up with a couple tricks not taught in any obedience school, to alert my partner when I’m onto something, and she picked them up like a dream.

"Where to?" she asked me just inside the door to the back office, the last line between inside voices and outside voices. I just tossed her the file. Never did like to talk much, me, another stroke of luck in this job. "Charon Station?"

And then down to planet proper. Seemed the ore being mined on Pluto was going walkabout, and our client wanted someone who wouldn’t raise too much ruckus to suss out who was doing it and how, before they called the authorities in.

It smelled like a good job already.

Oh, l’cie Kairi? With Sora and Riku as fellow l’Cie and the Organization as Sanctum?
(I just met you, and this is crazy, but YOU’RE A TERRIBLE PERSON, so thanks for following me maybe?)
The trick is to stay calm. The more you feel scared, angry, depressed, the faster your brand advances. So stay calm. The world is against you, but stay calm. There’s nowhere you can go, but stay calm. You have a task you don’t understand, but stay calm.
Kairi is staying calm. She can even smile, when Sora - who can always manage to be happy - laughs and treats sneaking through the wildlife preserve like a holiday adventure. Sometimes, for as long as an hour, she forgets, and the happiness is real. And then she remembers that they mustn’t be seen, and it fades. But she stays calm.
Riku stole a gun off one of the PSICOM who came after them. He keeps it even though it’s not his weapon, and Kairi has seen him counting the bullets. There are enough.
They aren’t going to turn into monsters. He won’t let them. He keeps the gun because it’s not his weapon, because he could never turn his sword on Sora, on her. Kairi hasn’t asked, but she knows. Some thoughts are easy to find.
If she gets one thing she wants, they’ll take down the Sanctum first. There will be no more l’Cie, no more Purges. With that, Kairi could be content enough. So she stays calm, because that will take time, and she wants to have enough.
And she stays calm because if she does, then it won’t be Riku who has to pick up the gun and count the spent casings. If she stays calm enough, if she lasts long enough, she can spare him that.
And if she’s very lucky, there will be a few more bullets left when she’s done.

lorrei answered: kairi and namine trying to adjust to body sharing/connected-heart-ism?

We need a timeshare.

No, we don’t. It’s your life.

It’s yours, too. Or, I mean…

I can’t have any other.

I didn’t mean to think that.

It’s okay. You’re not wrong. True things hurt.

I wish they didn’t. One day…

Don’t promise things you can’t do. It only makes it worse.

Then I’ll promise to share my life with you! What classes do you like?

The same ones you do. I am you.

Are you sure there’s nothing you’d particularly like? Nothing you’d like to be the one to do, while I sit back and just watch?

Well…could we take an art class?

chiimonster said: Sailor Kairi lost princess of Radiant Garden kicks bad guy booty and rescues her adorkable boyfriends!!! :0 

He’s looking at her like he’s trying to remember something, and maybe she should be interested, she has so many questions and so little information about herself, but right now she doesn’t care.

"In the name of Radiant Garden," she says (she doesn’t even know where Radiant Garden is, or was, or why she fights in its name), and then she breaks her own comforting ritual, “never touch them again!

He’s dumb, this one: smart enough to catch them, smart enough to hold them, smart enough to stand by while his master did worse things to them, but not smart enough to run. And that’s particularly dumb, because she’s not holding back, not even that least little bit she always does because she doesn’t, truly doesn’t, want to kill anybody.

She doesn’t want to kill him, not yet, but she doesn’t have enough left in her to care about not killing him, not when so much of her is screaming for her two precious people.

"Starlight Chrysanthemum Radiation!"

He drops, and that’s all that matters, because she can see the room beyond, the two enormous crystals, and in those crystals -

Riku drifts, unconscious, and she’s something like grateful that he’s still injured, that the darkness can’t heal like the light can, that they were waiting for him to be stronger. He’s tough, but she doesn’t want to find out that a second time would break him.

Sora is awake, and his eyes are his own, and she’s exactly like grateful. She’s crying, but she’s grateful, grateful not to have to endure one more minute of seeing his face with nothing but hate behind it.

It was so close, she thinks as she flings her circlet at the crystals, shattering them. It was so close to breaking all three of them. Never again, she promises Sora, whispers into Riku’s hair. Never, never again. She has to be strong enough to protect the world, and stronger still to protect her heart.

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disappearedsock answered: hmm doing keyblade magic ends up being really fun and mildly addicting to spam at the boys during training?

"C’mon, Lea, I thought you’d be better than this!"

"No, see, the thing about being a bad guy, and being devoured by darkness, and living in darkness for ten years, is that you know what you don’t get much chance to handle?”


"…True, but no. Light. Light is not a thing I have resistance to, because I’m the sexy bad boy type.”

"Does that make me the good girl who redeems you from your wicked ways?"

"Definitely not."

"No, I think that’s Sora. …Kairi, did you tree him?”


"I call unfair advantage! She’s getting bonus training from the Queen!"

"You’re ten years older and a foot and a half taller than me! How much more advantage do you need?”

"Holy resistance would be pretty awesome right about now."

wols answered: summoner kairi (or summoner sora and his guardians riku and kairi, either is good)

(You get the second one because I had a thought.)

"Choose the one whom I will change to become the fayth of the Final Summoning."

They’re talking while Sora is still stunned.

"Me," Riku says desperately, "Sora, it has to be me, it has to.”

"Has to, nothing!" says Kairi. "I volunteer. Pick me." It sounds like she’s trying out for a new blitz team, and she almost laughs.

Riku turns on her. “You shouldn’t even be here.” Any other time, it would sting, but he’s white to the lips and his hands are trembling just enough to see.

And she’s thinking the same thing. “I know. That’s why it has to be me, don’t you see? I shouldn’t be here. I don’t belong here.” She wants to, wants to more than anything, but she doesn’t yet, and Riku does. If she doesn’t come back there’s no one who will grieve.

No one but Riku, and maybe she’s being selfish, asking for this, when she doesn’t know how she’ll survive if Sora chooses him. It might be more honest to put it that way, to admit that she’s begging him to leave Riku alone without them. But there’s a difference, she believes. She has nothing but them: her world is a thousand years dead. Riku’s world is alive.

"I…" Sora begins, and she and Riku wait, breathless as Unsent, to hear what he decides.

xionsghost answered: android/cyborg!kairi, maybe? (oooh or maybe steampunk au kairi?)

It’s harder than it used to be to find the parts she needs. Most new models, outside of the very occasional bespoke jobs who use custom-built parts and can afford to keep mechanics in the house, are built by Heartless Enterprises these days, and those parts are no good for her. She runs on Light, the old proprietary power system from Radiant Inc. before HE swallowed them up; the Dark power system may be open-source, but it doesn’t do her any good when none of her parts will take it.

She’s not sure she wants them to; Light is part of who she is, and she doesn’t know if she’d be the same without it. If she were like most people, a cyborg, she might try anyway, switching parts out bit by bit until she ran on Dark instead of Light.

But she can’t. She’s not a cyborg; there’s nothing to hold her together while changing her power system. She’s like the unmodded she pretends to be, all of a piece, more powerful but just as fragile.

That’s okay. She likes who she is…especially when who she is is an investigator who suspects Heartless of tainting their power cells. It’s best not to be relying on the enemy for her heartbeat.

The Astounding Adventures of Kairi, gentlewoman explorer in the magical steampunk twenties
…And so, my dear and loyal correspondents, I take up my pen - not for the final time, for I have no intention of abandoning you entirely, as you have never abandoned me - but for the final discussion of my adventures, which I believe and dare say hope have come, if not to the end, to an end of the portion considered suitable for publication.
Of the marriage traditions of these islands I have, I believe, spoken in passing, in a tone of disapproval mirrored, I have no doubt, by many among my respected readers. Therefore it may shock you (as I confess it somewhat shocked me) to read that my feelings on the subject have experienced a complete volte-face, and far from being scandalized by the lack of restriction imposed by this people, I find the concept most congenial.
As for matters beyond the conceptual, I can with decorum report that when persons wish to plight their troth to one another, it is customary to dress in their finest clothes (the color green being preferred) and share between them a certain fruit, known to them as the paopu, which is believed to have the power to unite hearts for all time. It is also a common practice to fashion representations of this fruit, which has a distinctive shape not unlike a star, out of seashells or other more permanent materials, and exchange them much after the fashion of rings, though they are not generally worn upon the body, but instead kept about the person.
And here, I think, I must leave you, for Riku and Sora have had much more time to practice the craft than I, and I would scarcely wish to appear at a disadvantage at such a time. With my dearest affection, I remain yours, even if I no longer shall be,
Your Maiden Correspondent
An AU where Kairi gets the Keyblade and Sora is the Prince(ss) of Heart
(I think everything I’ve seen of this idea skips to a later moment, so:)
"Sora! Riku!" The wind is picking up, but the sky isn’t right, not for any storm Kairi’s ever heard of. She has to find them, has to get them somewhere safe before - she doesn’t know what, but this island that didn’t scare her when she was four and it was strange to her is scaring her now.
Then the monsters come.
She remembers these monsters, hasn’t in years but remembers them now, remembers when the garden that seemed so safe became a land of nightmare. Now it’s happening again, and if nothing’s different -
If she doesn’t do something, her mother and her friends and everything she’s grown to love will be lost forever, just like before.
She won’t let that happen.